“Create meaning from chaos, Join the future and find a cool job!Big Data

Data and statistics are cool! Be one of the first in being educated in webdatametrics and find a job in collection, analysis and visualisation of web data … there are more than a million jobs needed in the all digital economy.

Positions that you will be ready to fill in: analyst, data miner, web survey methodologist, data scientist, forecaster 

WebDataMetrics is a 2-year-long, 120 ECTS Master programme, supported by several distinguished European universities and companies.

The first year consists on courses in Salamanca (Spain) and online classes, and the second year combines an internship at one of the supporting companies and the preparation of a master thesis.

The Master in Webdatametrics – web based data collection and analysis – offers a front of the line top quality programme in the area of Internet-based data collection methods and Big Data analysis.

The programme was created by the Webdatametrics Academic Board elected from members of the COST network Webdatanet. It joins together academics and researchers from the best Universities and departments in Europe.

The first edition of The Master in Webdatametrics, web based data collection and analysis begins in September 2015. Registration process starts on the 9th of February till the 9th of June 2015. We invite you to submit your application and join the future which this programme offers for you today.





MSC. Mr. Alberto Villacampa González.
(Master in Webdatametrics Coordinator)
Universidad de Salamanca / University of Salamanca
Facultad de Ciencias Sociales / Faculty of Social Sciences
Dpto. de Sociología y Comunicación / Dept. of Sociolgy and Communication
Office/ Despacho 101. CASUS (Edificio de aulas)
Campus Miguel de Unamuno. Edificio / Building FES
Avda. Francisco Tomás y Valiente s/n
37071, Salamanca (Spain)
(+34) 923294500
Ext. 3173
Fax. (+34) 923294713

// ASSOCIATED PARTNERS more than 60 Associated partners possibilities and increasing, some relevant partners are:

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