Student support & FAQ


The University of Salamanca offers short and long term affordable accommodation. There are flats and rooms for rent in the private market. Take the opportunity to live in one of the top European Erasmus destinations.


You will probably need a visa if your are going to stay more than 90 days if you are not a citizen of an EU and/or Schengen Area country. The master will assist students during the visa process, and if necessary, the master will provide admission letter associated to the course fees payment in order to comply with visa requirements.

For further information about student visas please click here.


The master offers the following grants, new grants are being negotiated with partners, do check this section regularly:

  •    1x Webdatanet 50 % matriculation fee grant (one)
  •    2 x Webdatametric Master 25 % matriculation fee grant (two)

In the motivation letter there should be an explicit request for scholarship,the Academic  Board may award exceptional candidates scholarships upon academic and professional merits evaluation. We expect in the coming weeks to offer full matriculation grants, and mobility grants for students. Do visit this section in the coming weeks for more news.

// FAQ

Will I gain access to a Phd Programme when I finish the master in webdatametrics? The master in webdatametrics, as a “University of Salamanca master”, provides access to enrol giving the stantard access procedure to the PhD programmes at the University of Konstanz in particular the Faculty of Psicology programmes. We are working in the incorporation of other Universities and programmes.

Can modular students become full time master students? Yes, modular students may switch to the full time modality if they fully meet full time modality enrolment requisites (i.e hold a 180 ECTS Bachelor degree). Webdatametrics courses passed during the modular period will be fully recognized.

When will the application period start? The application period starts on the 9th of February  till the 9th of June 2015 for Regular Enrolment..

Are the internship positions paid? We cannot guarantee paid positions during traineeship, but we advise our partner enterprises and institutions that it is best practice to offer payed working profiles. Interships are available in some of the top enterprises, research institutes, universities and institutions worldwide.

Are all the elective courses offered every year? No. During first year, we will ask our students about their preferences for electives courses on semester 3. Taking into consideration students’ preferences, we will offer around 10 electives courses to choose from for each cohort.

What is the minimun number of students? The programme has a numerus clausus from 10 to maximum 33 students. Students will come from European countries and from overseas. English speaking students will be welcome to the programme from all over the World. The group should prefferably be heterogenously composed.